Brecht Evans, Forest

Richard J. Evans - 8-bit Ghibli



Blueprint Waka-Waka
Available at the NEStalgia art show opening Friday, March 21st 2014 at The Dart Gallery | Facebook.
Created by Manny Peters || Store

Labyrinthine Drawings of Interconnected Rooms - Mathew Borrett



George Kamitani is one of my favorite Artist in the video game industry, this guy paints with all the colors of the wind(yeah I like Pocahontas) and what he does with color is just magic.

If you ever see this guy’s name as Art Director for a game , that Is reason enough for you to both purchase and play that game no questions asked :P

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Rejoice! For the good people at Tumblr have upgraded their GIF converter. Which means you can have a colour version of this.
Oh also, I passed 8,000 followers some time last night! Amazing, thank you all so much. Honestly, I did this or something like it in relative obscurity for a looong time and it blows my mind that so many people could give a damn :)

Janine Rewell - Minna Parikka




Find the Moomin set.

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GAME BOY by Daruma Studio.