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Gentle Brain - Eugene Krivoruchko

andrew gallimore — hunger tv rankin

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A R E M - 3 2 - page METROID tribute comic! (8-page preview) 

So basically, it’s like— WHAT IF Samus from Metroid wasn’t so much a SPACE WARRIOR— but just a girl that really liked her INSTAGRAM and went around taking pictures of space creatures and foliage and gorgeous vistas. That is what AREM is. (with a little bit of action dashed up in) 

Here’s an interview about AREM on Comics Alliance! 

Scoop up AREM THIS WEEKEND at Emerald City Comic Con table X-06 !!!

Hey you can now get the complete 36 page Arem comic in D I G I T A L .pdf form from Gumroad for $2!! RIGHT HERE!!

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Tom Haugomat

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Sir Arthur from Ghosts’n Goblins by Daruma Studio.
Super Pixel Quest - Emmanuel Espinasse


Michiel van den Berg - 3D design

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